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Both monthly and yearly subscriptions are available.

$29 per month$79 per year ($71 Academic Discount with ID - Save 10%)

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Institutional Pricing

For institutional pricing, please email us at .

In order to expedite your Institutional License inquiry please provide the following information so that we may offer you the best possible price:

  1. Full Time Enrollment at your institution (FTE)
  2. Total Number of Full Time Music and Theater Faculty and Students

Are you an Arts High School? Contact us for special discounted pricing.

Are you an subscriber? Contact us for special discounted pricing

In most cases we will also need the technical information described below in order to set up the subscription in our system.

Technical Details

Most of our institutional subscribers opt to use IP address recognition to grant their students and faculty automatic access to the database when on campus. If you would like your subscription to work this way, we will need the public IP address ranges of your institution (your IT department should be able to provide them). We also support EZProxy for off-campus access if you can provide us with your public EZProxy IP.

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Also feel free to contact us at with any other questions.